A New Baby 10 April 1954

Ae nicht fan we ‘re in oor beds, Dad comes up the stair ti see us an tells us “cuddle doon an ging ti sleep noo, an ye micht hae anither brither or sister in the mornin.”  There ‘s a richt fine smell o bacon fryin, jist like a Sunday mornin though it’s only Seturday an there’s nae school.  Ye can hear a different voice spikkin in the Kitchen, an fan we ging doon ti see, it’s the Nurse haein her braakfist wi Dad, bit Mam’s in her bed ben the hoose, an the new baby is in the cot, that Dad pinted blue, an aa the big folk laached aboot, becis it should hiv been pink.  She hid come ti us in the nicht, jist like magic.

Fit a fine smell a baby his:  there’s a milky smell an the smell o the Johnson baby pooder that Mam pits on fan she’s changin the hippen an efter the baby  his a bath; an there’s aye that fine, clean baby smell o new hippens- smooth, thin muslin eens that ging on first in little babies an the thicker fluffy eens that ging on the tap, festened wi a big safety preen, that ye hiv ti be careful wi, so ye dinna stob the baby’s kyte.  Ye  aye get ti help;  if ye sit up in the big cheer, richt at the back o the seat, then ye get a shot o the baby ti hud in yer erms, an its skin is saft an smooth an warm, an it can open its een an look at ye, though some folk say babies canna see for a lang time, an sometimes it will smile at ye, though  that’s supposed ti be wind.  Fan they’re bigger they ken ye an they keckle an laach fan they see ye an fan ye spik ti them, an aabody likes that.  Aabody’s afa excited aboot the new baby an ye canna wait ti ging ti the school on Monday ti tell Mrs Dear aa aboot it.  I meet her at the gate atween her hoose an the school afore the bell rings in the mornin an I tell her that we hiv a new baby an her name is Katherine, though she disna seem ti be as excited as we aa are aboot it.  The Nurse comes in ti see Mam an Katherine ivery day jist efter she’s born, an taks aff her claes an looks at her an she pits her in a string bag an weighs her in a funny machine that she jist huds up, so ye aye think maybe the bag micht slip an the baby  faa doon.  She taks aff the little bandage that gings roon her middle, far her belly button will be aince it’s nae got the bit stickin oot o it.  That bit is bleedin ae day, an the ambulance comes an the Nurse gings awa wi her ti the hospital in Aiberdeen.  It ‘s nae fine fan we dinna hae Katherine there, bit Mam says that she his something wrang caad Vitamin K Deficiency, an she his ti be in the hospital far they’ll mak her aa better.

Ivery time the Nurse comes in withoot Katherine, Tishie is nae pleased an asks her “Fit did ye dee wi oor baby?”, becis Tishie is jist two an disna understand aboot the hospital.  Fan Katherine comes hame ye can see the little mark at her ankle far Mam says she hid a blood transfusion.

Hazel Anderson

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