One Year On

On this sad first anniversary  I thought friends and family might like to leave a tribute here.

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  1. Thinking about you today, my lovely friend.
    We all miss you and think about you every day.
    One year on. R.I.P. Kath Bowles. xx

  2. Fond memories of you, dear Kathy, keep you alive in our hearts.
    Lovely to see that childhood photograph of you in Pathe News at Balmoral.
    So cute. Nick picked a good un when he picked you. Glad you had 40 happy years together, enjoyed an early retirement period together and had a chance to enjoy your grandkids for a while. Sorry we had to lose you so soon. Fare ye well, my lovely friend.

  3. I cannot believe how time has passed, but you still remain strong in our memories. You were such a lovely person, a rarity, and are sorely missed. You would be proud of how Nick and the boys have coped during a difficult year.

  4. Dearest Kathy

    Even tho you are not here in the physical , your spirit shines here on everyone, your spirit and essence of who you are touch all our hearts , keep on shining bright

    always and forever, with all my love to you and your wonderful family , xxxx

  5. Even though we only had the chance to meet Kathy a few times, we felt as though we had known her for years. I’m sure she would be proud to see Fairwinds still plying the waters. Door is always open to you, Nick, hope to see you soon.

  6. It is difficult to find words that do justice to the many memories I have of Kathy.
    I want to try and remember the funny things that made everyone laugh at the time, like Kathy telling a fish she had just caught to “calm down”. She was trying to help it.
    Seeing the old Volvo car driving along the Auchenblae road but without a driver – it was only when it got closer you could see Kathy looking out through the steering wheel.
    Her friendship, laughter and kindness can never be forgotten by those, like me, lucky enough to have spent time in her company . xx

  7. Miss you and think of you often – can’t believe you have been gone a year. It was a privilege to have had you as part of our family. You have left behind a sad but proud family and the boys have been great this year offering support to Nick who I know has found it hard. But a fabulous garden has been created for you by Nick and friends so everyone who visits can spend a few moments remembering you and all the good times they had in your company.

  8. One year gone already, didn’t feel that long ago we were cutting some moves on the dance floor at Adams wedding! Gone but never forgotten Kathy. Love to you and all the family xx

  9. Sitting in my flat with mine and Jeffs good friend Niall thinking of Kathy fondly as I know all of Jeff and Adams friends will be. She was well liked by all of us and very sadly missed. Just poured a dram for us both, toasting her memory…

  10. It had been so long since you set off from Drumlithie and the shop . I have many memories of your patience and warm welcome for my lot who took ages to choose anything! It was with delight I watched you both set off for the West and your adventures.
    The love and joy you had for life is a precious gift to have left behind for all who have loved you. Sarah and John xxx

  11. Kathy had a lovely personality and welcomed everyone she met, especially newcomers like ourselves. We are privileged to have known her.

  12. Miss you, Kathy…you were the most wonderful sister-in-law anyone could ever hope for.

    “I sometimes hold it half a sin
    To put in words the grief I feel;
    For words, like Nature, half reveal
    And half conceal the Soul within.”

  13. Lovely Kathy, you are so dearly missed. I tell Enid about you when I pass your garden and I think of you when I see a boat sail in the distance. Your guts, attitude and kindness were an inspiration and I would love to have known you longer and better.
    Whenever I see Nick, Jeff or Adam and Sarah post a picture of what they’ve been up to on Facebook I think how proud you would be of how well they’re all getting on and looking after each other. Xxx

  14. Mum, mother in law, granny xx you are missed by all of us so much xx I just can’t stand the fact that you won’t see your grandkids grow but at least they had the great pleasure of meeting you dear mum xxxxx love you loads xxxxx miss you xxx

  15. So hard to believe a year has passed already, you are always in our thoughts and greatly missed. You would be so impressed with what Nick has done with your garden – we are, Geordie never thought he’d see the day!!! and Jeff, Adam, Sarah, Abigail and Jack are taking very good care of him. You’d be so proud of them all xxx

  16. Your friendship, dear Kathy, is sorely missed. We miss your sense of humour and think of you often as we pass your garden.
    You would be proud of Nick and the boys, the way they are coping.
    R.I.P. dear friend

  17. Kathy ,I have so many memories of you. Here are a few: Singing unaccompanied at a Burns Night Supper in the pub at Fordoun; as a witness to our wedding; generously letting me use your knitting machine when mine was broken; endless cups of coffee in your tiny house in Auchenbalae and your wonderful baking; New Year gatherings in Drumlithie when your house was full of people and endless booze; turning up with a tin of Quality Street chocolates when I was recovering from giving birth to Owain (the tin is still in use as a sewing box); providing one of the best cheese and pickle buns I have ever eaten the day Nick and I climbed to the top of Clach-na-ben; successfully line fishing for mackerel from your boat with just a bit of bread as bait. I shall always miss your generosity and kindness. You will never to be forgotten dear friend.

  18. I have never been very good with words and fine it difficult to express what Cathy and Nick meant to me. The first time I met Cathy she was chopping wood and I came along trying to sell her a fire extinguisher (crazy job I had) she welcomed me into her house for a coffee and I stayed for nearly a year and became part of a fantastic family. I will always be very grateful and feel blessed that I met such a beautiful soul as Cathy xxx

  19. So many adventures and so many miles on Fairwinds . Your spirit soars and should inspire us to make time for those experiences which money cannot buy.

  20. Doesn’t seem like a year! The good ones always seem to go too early. Kathy was a saint to have loved Nick for 40 years! I shall always remember her complete calmness in moments of crisis when all (Nick) around her were panicking and shouting, and then the complete lack of resentment or anger for having been wrongly accused with little thanks for having “saved the day”! That was a love that only a few are lucky enough to receive.

    For a season there must be pain
    For a little, little space
    I shall lose ‘the sight of her face,
    Take back the old life again
    While She is at rest in her place.
    For a season this pain must endure,
    For a little, little while
    I shall sigh more often than smile
    Till Time shall work me a cure,
    And the pitiful days beguile.

    For that season we must be apart,
    For a little length of years,
    Till my life’s last hour nears,
    And, above the beat of my heart,
    I hear Her voice in my ears.
    But I shall not understand –
    Being set on some later love,
    Shall not know her for whom I strove,
    Till she reach me forth her hand,
    Saying, ‘Who but I have the right?’ .
    And out of a troubled night
    Shall draw me safe to the land.

  21. It is hard to think of the right words or a single memory from all the years. Kathy had a calm quiet strength and confidence I greatly admired. She didn’t choose her words or the timing of her pithy comments carefully, everything was just the way she was. Wherever she was with Nick was “home” whether a dubious bedsit in inner city Glasgow or the island. Everything she was and did lives on through all of us but especially Nick, Jeff and Adam.

  22. So many fond memories since the old days at Auchinclech cottage-scene of legendary parties that Kathy was a keen participant in.

    We always visited Nick and Kathy as they moved around the mearns and Kathy was always keen on gardening and gave me many good tips over the years.

    To be honest its really hard to think she has gone but her spirit surely lives on.

  23. It hardly seems necessary to say that we all miss you, but perhaps I may be permitted to add that a light has gone out in the family and taken with it an overly large share of coolness, kindness and good old common sense.

  24. “Two kinds of women take to boats – those who like it and those who fear to be left behind”

    Kathy was always a bold voyager in the former category but it’s not only her own strength that makes me miss her far more than is reasonable for someone I had only known eight years. Above all it’s the open-hearted support and encouragement she gave to others that makes her shine in my memory as a truly good and generous human being. A wee memory..

    Cruising in company with Fairwinds and others on the west coast of Mull one year I was more than a little trepidatious about going out single-handed in my wee boat in the face of a dodgy forecast. She wasn’t the only one but it was Kathy’s calm assurance “So what if it’s F6/7? – it’ll be downwind – it’ll be fine.” that tipped the balance for me. It was fine and I still consult her sometimes before weighing anchor.

    Miss you babe.

  25. I have only joiful and happy memories of you and I wish that I had been able to spend more time with you and gotten to know you better, you are greatly missed and you will always be remembered.

  26. So many memories, from our first meeting up on Donside, through the years as friend and, for a while, neighbour, to your visit to Drumtochty just before I moved south.

    I think of her often – her friendliness, her humour, her straightforward common sense that could cut to the heart of a problem, her bravery in the face of the worst that the universe could throw at her.

    But above all her empathy. She came to visit me in hospital in Dundee on a very hot afternoon a few days after a chunk of my insides had been removed. I was not entertaining company – I wasn’t even capable of sitting up and a naso-gastric tube had reduced my communicative ability to the occasional grunt. Many people would have stayed for ten minutes or so and then departed, having done their duty. Not Kathy. She sat with me for the whole afternoon and her peaceful, empathetic presence provided great comfort at a time that I desperately needed it.

    The memory of that unique presence, and that of other friends who are no longer with us, will remain a part of me as long as I live.

    “And it’s just a box of rain, I don’t know who put it there,
    Believe it if you need it or leave it if you dare,
    Just a box of rain, or a ribbon for your hair,
    Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there.”

    Robert Hunter

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