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A sailor bold

Waiting for the stormOn St Kilda

Kathy sailed thousands of miles with me on Fairwinds, our 27ft yacht, and was a superb and fearless sailor. In the featured picture she is helming the boat in a gale of wind off the Spanish coast.

The other two shots here were taken off Southern Ireland and on St. Kilda.

You can follow the links below to read about some of our sailing adventures together.

           An Atlantic Year                     To Norway                           Round Ireland

Blushing bride

A beautiful brideA white wedding

17th of April 1976, at Crathie Church

We had a white wedding with a difference – the groom wore white as well.

Kathy’s relatives must have wondered who on earth was marrying into the Anderson clan .

What a beautiful bride though – absolutely radiant !


Teenage beauty

Summer at DalliefourKathy in a rare bikini shot - with tractor !

Here’s a couple of pictures of Kathy that I only came across recently,  from before I met her. I think she is 16 or 17  in these.

She rarely wore a bikini after we met, and as far as I know these are the only pictures of her in one.

The shot with the tractor could almost be a 1970s agricultural engineer’s calendar shot – Miss July !

A loving Granny

Kathy feeding JackIn the flat in Aberdeen

Our granddaughter was a bit of a surprise . . .  we first heard about her on the boat in the Canaries via text message when she was six months old!

Grandson Jack was born during the Lonach in 2011. It’s a time of joy and sadness –  two years later on Jack’s 2nd birthday Kathy became ill.

Kathy loved Abigail and Jack. I only wish she could have spent more time with them.

Her biggest regret when she was that she would not live to see them grow up.